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MY PURPOSE: "To democratize access to innovation knowledge for the creation of virtuous organizations that inspire and mobilize leaders to make things happen."

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About Barbara

Barbara Silva is an entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems builder and advisor in Innovation and Emerging Technologies in Latin America. She has participated in various advisory boards to drive research and development, as well as the internationalization of innovations. Additionally, she has provided guidance to leaders, governments, and companies in designing new models in the Digital Era. With an outstanding international career, she has lived, studied, and worked in Chile, Mexico, and the United States, and her work has taken her across almost all of Latin America.

While pursuing her postgraduate studies in Silicon Valley in 2012, Barbara Silva founded BeSTinnovation with the goal of bridging the gap between global innovation ecosystems and Latin America. Furthermore, in 2013, she founded HER GLOBAL IMPACT, the first innovation academy for Spanish-speaking women. Currently, HER GLOBAL IMPACT is a platform that provides training, connections, and visibility to entrepreneurs and professional women who are reinventing themselves in the digital era.


In 2016, Barbara Silva introduced the Singularity vision to Latin America, actively fostering high-level discussions and public-private agendas regarding the impact of emerging technologies on business and public policies.


Her ability to develop and promote virtuous innovation ecosystems in Latin America has earned Barbara Silva numerous awards and recognitions such as leader on innovation, science and technology from Women Economic Forum and the Asia Pacific Forum. Currently serves as Chair of the Industry and Development Committee on Artificial Intelligence of the Senate of Chile


Barbara Silva has served as a jury member of the Cartier Women's Initiative for five years and currently holds the position of Community Leader for Latin America and the Caribbean. Additionally, she was the first Latina to participate in the G8 Young Summit in London in 2013.

Barbara Silva was a trailblazer as the first Chilean to study at Singularity University and Draper University in Silicon Valley, when both organizations were in their early stages. She has had the opportunity to learn from notable figures such as Peter Diamandis and Tim Draper, and has been inspired by the vision of Trish Costello, founder of Portfolia, and Lore McGovern, founder of the MIT Institute of Neuroscience.

Furthermore, Barbara holds two master's degrees: one in Organizational Psychology and another in Innovation Management, both obtained at UAI (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez).

Internationally, she is widely recognized as an expert and speaker in the areas of

emerging technologies, innovation, entrepreneurship and female leadership, .

Awards and Recognitions

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  • Forbes Most Powerful Women Chile (2023)

  • Community Champion, Cartier Women's Initiative (2022)

  • Leader in Science, Technology, and Innovation, Women Economic Forum (2021)

  • 100 Women Leaders, El Mercurio (2019)

  • Influential Woman in Innovation (2019)

  • 100 Young Leaders, El Mercurio (2014)

  • Successful Youth, Diario Financiero (2013)

  • Innovative Woman of the Asia-Pacific (2013)


International Media Coverage

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Barbara Silva is invited to share her vision on innovation that transcends industry and business types. She has been interviewed by prestigious media channels such as CNN and Forbes, providing a refreshing perspective on the future. Committed to driving deep reflection on the integration of emerging technologies in business and education, she aims to empower women in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world to swiftly ride this wave of transformation.



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Bárbara Silva was prominently featured as one of the 10 Chileans Changing Chile for her significant contributions to leadership and entrepreneurship, with a particular emphasis on empowering women in Latin America. This in-depth report highlights the remarkable work she has undertaken.

Bárbara Silva has made a significant impact in both public and private domains, and this brief documentary showcases how she has built powerful bridges between Silicon Valley and Latin America. Her remarkable efforts have successfully connected innovation with the business sector of the region, leaving a lasting imprint on both.

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Keynote Speaker at Conferences


Barbara Silva, with an outstanding international career, has been invited to various high-level forums to share her vision on innovation, emerging technologies, impact-driven innovation, and digital empowerment in women-led businesses.

  • FORBES FORUM Powerful Women Central America & the Caribbean

  • FORBES FORUM Powerful Women Chile

  • Silicon Valley Forum California

  • Business Expo Paraguay

  • Exma Ecuador

  • Caja Sol Spain

  • International Women's Forum (IWF) CornerStone Conference

  • We-Exchange IDB Bank in Argentina

  • TEDx Bogotá in Colombia

  • Pacific Alliance Forum in Colombia

  • Singularity University Summits in San Francisco, California, Peru, and Chile

  • Women Economic Forum

  • SIKA Forum in Central America & the Caribbean

  • Among others

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